Leave Anna Hazare Alone

Some politicians forget that their off-the-cuff comments no longer allure citizens, who have ceased to be amused by the balderdash of politicians, especially the less prominent ones. Delhi BJP chief Adesh Kumar Gupta put the party in an awkward situation when he recently invited octogenarian social activist and anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare to join the ‘mass movement’ of the Delhi BJP against the ‘corrupt ways’ of the ruling Aam Aadmi Party government. Those who know Anna will vouch for his no-nonsense approach to politics and political leaders. His integrity, too, cannot be questioned. That Anna is disillusioned with the ruling NDA government is quite obvious in his ‘thank you’ letter to Adesh Gupta. He has lamented how the BJP-led government has gone back on its ‘promise’ to eradicate corruption in the country. “Persons cannot control corruption, the system can” is a classic Anna statement.  The social activist is right in saying that with all investigative agencies at its disposal, the Narendra Modi government could have initiated action against the corrupt elements in the AAP government. Though six years have passed following the NDA’s assumption of office, there seems to be no visible shift as regards to corruption. While Gupta accused the AAP of “new face of political, social and economic corruption”, Anna rebuked him as if to say all political parties live in glass houses and no party has clean windows. Having been in the vanguard of many anti-graft agitations, Anna has seen it all. Political parties should know that the anti-graft champion is not at their beck and call. The soft-spoken man does not require a crystal gazer to predict the futility of anti-government causes now. Both, at the Centre and Delhi, the popularity of the heads of governments is at its peak. So, the 2011 magic cannot be recreated in 2020. 


Maintenance Of Vaddem Lake

It must be said that whenever something new is built, renovated or installed, it is important to maintain it. However, it seems that this has not been followed with respect to the Vaddem lake, which is the pride of Vasco town. The lake is in a state of neglect with damaged gates at the sides and other cleanliness-related issues making for a sore sight. It is understood that the land area where the lake is located belongs to the Fabrica of St Andrew’s Church in Vasco. However, the Mormugao Municipal Council is of the opinion that the maintenance work of the beautified lake should be carried out by the civic body. The beautification work of the lake was done by Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA) after the Vasco church authorities approached it. Since the building of the St Andrew’s Higher Secondary School is in close proximity, the church authorities would be in a better position to carry out the maintenance work on a regular basis. The pending issue as regards to who should do the maintenance work of the lake needs to be sorted out in an amicable manner without politicising it. It would be in the fitness of things for the Vasco municipality to concentrate on maintaining the gardens and parks and other public places in the town and hand over the maintenance of the Vaddem lake to the parishioners of the Vasco church.