Beware! Fraudsters are on the prowl


Panaji: Online fraudsters have started adopting yet another new modus operandi, targeting gullible mobile users on the pretext of updating their Know Your Customer (KYC) details, so as to continue with the mobile service or else the mobile number would be blocked.

Cyber crime police, Ribandar, have issued an advisory asking the people to be careful and never respond to such calls or SMSs.

The police said that fraudsters impersonating as mobile company representative calls or sends SMS informing the mobile user that the services will be blocked, if the KYC is not updated urgently with aadhar card.

The fraudsters then ask the customers to update the KYC online and for online updation they are instructed to download a remote access application from the playstore.

The police said that the remote access application is used to control the device from a different location without having actual possession of the device. Once the remote access application is installed, the fraudster gets access to the customer’s device.

The fraudster then asks to pay nominal fee of Rs 1 or Rs 2 towards the KYC updation charges through online payment, informed the police. During the process of online payment, the credentials such as card details, OTP etc are collected by the fraudster through remote access application or through social engineering.

The fraudsters then use the credentials for online transactions, where money is siphoned off from the victim’s bank account.

In order to prevent becoming a victim of such fraud the police have advised public to never respond to such calls and SMSs.

The police have also requested public to never share any details with the caller. Never download any remote access application or other application on the instructions of such callers, the  police said adding that if faced with any issue of SIM card not working, then visit the nearest customer care centre or mini store. Else call the genuine customer care number after ensuring that the calling number is the genuine customer care number of the service provider, the police have advised. Police said that avoid searching for customer care number on popular search engines, as fraudsters have flooded their number citing them as customer care number of several popular service providers. If called on this fake fraudster’s number, on the pretext of helping they would siphon off money.

Police have advised public to report such calls and SMS to nearest police station or cyber crime police station, Ribandar or at