Clear Garbage From Busy Margao Road



There is a mound of garbage strewn by motorists and passersby on the busy Abade Faria Road in Margao, adjacent to the South Indian Bank and in close proximity to Lawrence & Mayo Opticians. If timely action is not initiated, this eyesore may snowball into a mini Sonsoddo in the making. The size of the dump keeps growing by the day and to add to the misery, the stray dogs and cattle prey on the waste and scatter the filth across the road, giving it an obnoxious stench to the neighbourhood, which boasts of commercial and residential houses. The Margao municipal council (MMC) vehicle turns a Nelson eye to the dump and passes past it without picking up the garbage from the site. This sickening matter was brought to the notice of the assigned municipal corporator of ward no 12, requesting her to take up the stinking issue with the MMC. However, she passed on the buck to the residents. Needless to mention that the municipality collects garbage tax from both, residents and commercial establishments, which is included in the annual house tax.  In these pandemic times, it is of paramount importance to maintain a high sense of hygiene and cleanliness and it is in this endeavour that the MMC, in coordination with the assigned corporator, resolve the issue before the dump turns into a mini Sonsoddo.