Increasing Road Accidents

Worldwide, the highest number of road accidents occur in India.  A National Crime Bureau Records (NCRB) report says casualties due to road accidents have shot up by a staggering 2 lakh as compared to the preceding year. Two–wheelers, trucks, cars and buses, in that order, were the main culprits. The report coincides with the completion of one year following the notification of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 (MVA).  The amended act was a refinement of the basic Act introduced way back in1988. “Efficient, safe and corruption free” transport system was its aim.   There are no prizes for guessing the  reasons for mishaps : indiscipline, unawareness, intoxication.   Speed has been the single most worrisome factor which has been a killer on highways. Then there are other factors like reckless driving, and taking to wheels without adequate precautionary measures in tow.  When the amended motor vehicle rules came into being, punitive steps were enhanced. Increased fines, upto ten times,   for licenceless driving, drunken driving, overspeeding, driving without securing the seat belt,  and helmetless two-wheeler driving  were thought to bring more sanity on roads.   Data base on drivers was  planned to be set up so that information on the drivers could be obtained at the click of a mouse.

Ganapathi  Bhat, Akola

Media And SSR Investigation

For the last few months one news is dominating the whole news channel and that is the death of SSR. Viewers are continuously fed with the investigation and updates of Sushant Singh Rajputs death as though it is a matter of life and death for the whole country. The media trial and the wide coverage In SSR case on daily basis only goes to highlight the objective journalism has taken a back seat while sensationalism, exaggeration, biased views, are making headlines.  One particular channel has gone overboard by virtually having a courtroom like situation daily in his prime time debate, where panelists are grilled by the anchor. The anchor himself behaves like a lawyer and goes on shouting and yelling on panelist who have different views from his. Baring two or three channels rest all are busy covering SSR like the country has no other issue to highlight or discuss.  One wonders what we as viewers have to do with SSR death?  Yes, if there is any foul play in SSR death then proper investigation has to be done. But, why are the viewers tortured day and night on a politically motivated SSR investigation, when in reality it a bitter fight between the sulking opposition and the ruling Party in Maharashtra, as the latter has broken its alliance with the former?

Samir khan, Mapusa