Produce World-Class Products To Make India ‘Atmanirbhar’

I recently purchased a can of pesticide, marketed and manufactured by Indian firms. When I tried to use it, I noticed that its nozzle was loose and coming out, but I found it to be effective against all types of pests, particularly cockroaches and ants. The next can I purchased, a bigger one, was again found to be defective. Besides the nozzle falling out, the spray was leaking from the top. I am mentioning this to highlight our nation’s ‘Atmanirbhar’ drive. If we do not ensure world-class quality and manufacture our products with zero defects, then with such ‘chalta hai’ attitude, not only China but the whole world will laugh at our products. Indians, now used to world-class products, will shun such products. We do not want licence permit raj, but the government must ensure that our India-manufactured products are customer-oriented in quality and price, if India wants to compete, hold its head high and become a successful economy.


Collars For Vaccinated Strays

While pet dogs are expected to be vaccinated regularly after a fixed period of time, there could be many stray dogs that are not vaccinated and hence pose danger to the general public, as they could be rabid. Of course, several stray dogs have been vaccinated but it may not be possible to differentiate between a vaccinated and a non-vaccinated stray dog. It is understood that Mission Rabies teams in Tiswadi have come up with a novel idea to differentiate between vaccinated and non-vaccinated stray dogs. The team members have been fitting those adult dogs that have been vaccinated with reflective collars. These collars have a peculiar logo with a neon green border. This will reassure the general public that these stray dogs do not pose rabies-related threat. It is understood that the unique collar is a requirement that has been introduced by the Goa government. Several other states too have in place such a requirement of unique collar for vaccinated stray dogs. It could be a real challenge to put a collar around the neck of a stray dog but the skilled animal handlers have reportedly done it successfully in Tiswadi after calming down the stray dogs. It would be desirable to extend the requirement of fitting vaccinated dogs with the unique reflective collar to pet dogs as well.


Shift Electricity Poles Away From Main Road

Electricity poles adjacent to Shree Ghodkeshwar Devasthan at Gholiwada-Talaulim in Ponda have been installed very close to the main road, making it difficult for two-wheeler riders and motorists to manoeuvre their vehicles on the stretch of road. There is every possibility of a two-wheeler rider hitting the electricity poles during the late evening hours or at night time when visibility is low. Speeding cars may also crash into the poles, resulting in a major tragedy. The local village panchayat as also officials at the electricity department have overlooked this issue till date. There is enough space to shift the electricity poles away from the main road. However, no action has been taken.