‘Sunburn for Goa’ in corona times

‘Sunburn for Goa’ in corona times ‘Sunburn for Goa’, a virtual music festival to promote Goa and raise funds for COVID relief for Goa will go live on Saturday, August 29. NT BUZZ gets you the details

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

With music as the main idea, World’s No 1 DJ DVLM, Facebook and ‘Sunburn’ are coming together to host the Sunburn preview live on August 29. All proceeds will be channelised to the Chief Minister’s COVID Relief Fund – Goa.

Sunburn in Goa which began in 2007, has attracted people from all over the world, and has courted controversy too. But it has still grown into one of the top 3 music festivals in the world while positioning Goa on the global dance music destination map. In the last 13 years, the organisers state that over two million people from across 51 countries have flown into Goa to attend Sunburn Goa in December.

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world and has  affected businesses across domains worldwide, with the travel and tourism industry being the most impacted, including in Goa.

Thus, Percept Live, the creators of Sunburn, say that this preview show online is their way of giving back to Goa, and to help the authorities in their relentless fight against the COVID-19 pandemic through this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative.

With DJ DVLM headlining the show, there will also be a host of other artistes like Candice Redding, Deepesh Sharma, Miss Bliss, etc.

The donate button on the ‘Sunburn for Goa’ Facebook page will enable guests to donate directly to the cause without exiting the FB page, ensuring a seamless entertainment experience.

NT BUZZ speaks to managing

director and chairman, Harinder Singh

Q. Tell us about this fundraiser for Goa.

We have planned to show Goa in a beautiful manner with the sole objective to promote Goa as a tourist destination as well as to raise money for the COVID Relief Fund.

Q. We don’t see many tourists coming to Goa and with the number of cases increasing in the state will this projection really help Goa?

COVID is there currently but in a few days or months it will go away. Hence, anything we do for Goa has an everlasting impact. In the last couple of months, people have been confined to their homes and not permitted to travel, it is a good time to put Goa back in their mind and that Goa is waiting soon enough to meet again. When you learn of a tourism promotion, it doesn’t mean you get on a plane tonight. It creates an opportunity in your mind to do it when you can. The whole world is fighting COVID 19 and people now are more aware, educated, and taking precautions. The virus is present, people are getting affected and the recovery rate is increasing. Also, the government is doing a good job creating awareness. Having said that, how can we ignore the fact that Goa as a tourist destination needs to continue to build this awareness? This weekend we are trying to do tourism and art


Q. How many people are expected to be a part of this event?

Our targeted reach in terms of our marketing campaign was about a 100 million people and we are hopeful we will reach our marketing reach. There is no registration fee.

Q. Do you plan on having the on-site event in December?

We would love to do it. It will entirely depend on the situation prevailing at that time. If the situation is as it is currently, with number of cases increasing and social distancing norms and restrictions then the event can’t happen.