Goa Sudharop’s efforts to fight the pandemic



In connection with Goa Sudharop’s ongoing outreach during these unprecedented times, 100 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) outfits were provided to frontline workers at the COVID hospital in Margao for their commitment to protect the health of Goans and Goa.

Goa Sudharop is a Goan diaspora volunteer non-profit organisation based in California that has been actively involved in the betterment of Goa and improving the quality of lives of Goans worldwide since 2000.

Goa Sudharop’s executive representative, Verma D’Mello delivered the PPE on behalf of Goa Sudharop and was thanked by the Goa State Health Secretary Neela Mohanan.  Speaking to NT BUZZ D’Mello said: “I cannot do what the doctors and other frontline workers are doing. It was an honour for me to get these delivered to those who are serving society during this crisis.”

The PPE outfits were made by women in connection with Goa Sudharop’s Thread-Up project which provides low-income women an opportunity to earn an income. The materials and sewing machines have been donated by Goa Sudharop through the generosity of its donors.

Goa Sudharop has been taking up several initiatives in Goa, especially in the interiors to assist women, children and sections of society that need help and support.