Bonderam Festival To Go Digital

“Bonderam” happens to be one of the famous festivals of Goa which takes place on Divar island on the fourth Saturday of August. The festivities begin with a flag parade followed by a fancy dress and a traditional float parade. There are live bands that accompany the parade. There is a lot of fun and frolic among the people of the island as music is heard right from early morning. People of neighbouring areas as well as tourists, both local and foreign, visit the island to enjoy the festivities. However this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic there will be no such festivities. It is understood that the Bonderam festival will take a digital route this year. A documentary on how the Bonderam festival came to be and what it looks like today is reportedly underway. Village elders are being interviewed for the film that will be released online on August 29. People from across the globe will now have a glimpse of the history of this festival as well as enjoy the music and dance of the festivities of the previous years from the comfort of their homes. This is a unique way to celebrate Bonderam this year and the documentary will also throw light on the need to preserve the community festival.  


On Fake News

Journalism is in a state of considerable flux. New digital platforms have unleashed innovative journalistic practices that enable novel forms of communication and greater global reach than at any point in human history. But on the other hand, disinformation and hoaxes that are popularly referred to as “fake news” are accelerating and affecting the way individuals interpret daily developments. Fake news and sophisticated disinformation campaigns are especially problematic in democratic systems. In order to maintain an open, democratic system, it is important that government, business, and consumers and the Hoi polloi work together to solve these problems. Governments should promote news literacy and strong professional journalism in their societies. The news industry must provide high-quality journalism in order to build public trust and correct fake news and disinformation without legitimizing them.