Exemplary Governor Satya Pal Malik

Elvidio Miranda, Panaji

The Governor of Goa, Satya Pal Malik will get the blessings of Our Lady and the warm choicest goodwill of the Catholic community of Goa for having participated in the solemn celebration of Holy Mass at the 500 year old chapel of Nossa Senhora do Cabo, at the sprawling Raj Bhavan, which was bedecked in immaculate splendor on the occasion of the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady. Taking time out from his probably busy schedule it also being Independence Day, the magnanimous Governor made it a point with all humility to attend the entire mass. It was exemplary on his part to by participating in the Holy Mass to uphold the secular fabric as enshrined in the Constitution of India and that too on the august occasion of the Independence day. Also at the end of the Mass, the Governor joined his hands and acknowledged the blessings of the main celebrant of the Holy Mass. This time the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady having been during the COVID-19 times, he also gave the go ahead for the customary feast Mass to be celebrated by following the protocols that were in place.in conformity of SOPs. The Governor of Goa has thus in the process endeared himself to the people with his exemplary gesture.