Postpone IFFI On Safety Grounds

The state government is all set to host the 51st International Film Festival of India (IFFI) this year. Hence, the process of film selection in feature and non-feature sections has been started. However, taking into consideration the ever-increasing cases of COVID-19 in different parts of the state, the above notion of holding the film extravaganza seems quite awkward and unwarranted. Not only our Goan brothers and sisters but even tourists visiting the state are likely to catch this deadly virus in the process. It is rather doubtful whether the prescribed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) would be strictly followed by the visitors during the ten-day film festival. There is every possibility of the virus spreading like anything in case wearing of mask, social distancing and other norms are overlooked at any instance. With Goans already facing the worst sufferings in their day-to-day lives due to the ongoing pandemic, it would be appropriate for the state government to postpone the IFFI celebration scheduled this year. What counts more is the health and well-being of precious human lives. Hence, the state government should assure safety to the citizens by postponing IFFI if not cancelling the same altogether.


Need For Probe Into Bengaluru Violence

A violent mob tends to get carried away by ‘orders’. Members of such a mob are misguided by unwanted elements whose diversionary and devious agendas are not difficult to fathom. Unfortunately, peace in a traditionally friendly city like Bengaluru goes for a toss when nefarious elements take over. This happened on Tuesday night, when violence took place in Bengaluru over a Facebook post. The violence was perpetrated by several thousands of people armed with stones, sticks and kerosene. They destroyed police stations and houses and burnt more than 200 vehicles including those of police in Kadugondanahalli and Devarajeevanahalli police station limits in Northeast part of the city, claiming three lives and injuring mobsters, civilians and policemen. Such extreme violence cannot be executed without meticulous planning. Without the blessings of ‘behind the scene’ politicians and local goons masquerading as ‘leaders’ of a community, no living being can go on a rampage. Many mobsters have been reportedly arrested; some ‘leaders’ of religious organisations too. But what about the politicians? Will there be an inquiry to spot – not so difficult one – the big-time politicians behind the violence? Another side to the story is can a 15-day-old post on Facebook ignite sparks of hatred so late? Where was the intelligence department of the state government? Did the police intentionally go slow when the ‘Facebook matter’ was first brought to their notice? Were they acting at the behest of some legislator? How a motley group of few hundred protestors was allowed to swell to an unimaginable number?



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