On a green mission


An art competition and a creating writing competition for students are currently on as part of the movement to protect Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary from three development projects. NT KURIOCITY gets details


To create interest among the younger generation towards the flora and fauna and the natural resources abundant in Goa, and raise awareness about how the three proposed development projects in the Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary will destroy the biodiversity and ecosystem, team Project Save Mollem has come up with ‘Protect Mollem Student Art Competition’ and ‘Protect Mollem Student Creative Writing Competition’. The competitions are for students studying in Goa and Goan students studying out of state.

The topics for the said competitions were selected while keeping in mind the importance of forests to the environment and human survival. For the art competition, the topics include ‘Magical Mollem – What makes this forest so magical?’; ‘Mollem our Super-Hero! – How does a forest protect us from diseases like COVID-19?’; ‘The Enchanting Laboratory of Mollem – A study tour of Mollem forests and the many beings and ecosystems that create this unique habitat belonging to Goa’; ‘Eyes of Mollem – When I go visit the forests of Mollem, what do I want to see?’; and ‘Mollem a place of peace – How do forests affect our mental health and well being?’

According to team member, Project Save Mollem, Julio Cedric Aguiar, students can use any medium of their own choice (crayons, colour pencils, watercolours, paint, charcoal, digital art, mixed media, etc) to create images, paintings, sketches, and drawings, that visually illustrate their idea. Participants will be grouped into: primary school – Class 1 to 4; secondary school – Class 5 to 10; and higher secondary and college (Class 11 onwards).

Winners of the first, second, and third place in the primary category will take home `7,000, `5,000 and `3,000 respectively. For secondary category the prizes are `15,000, `10,000 and `8,000 respectively, and for higher secondary and college, the top three winners will receive `18,000, `14,000 and `10,000 respectively. The most creative entry across all groups will be given `15,000. There are many more attractive prizes for other appealing entries across all groups.

For the creative writing competition the topics are ‘A conversation between the trees of Mollem and humans’; ‘Amche Mollem: what I can do as a young citizen, to save it’ and ‘A letter to the Environment Minister, telling him why Mollem is irreplaceable for Goa’. The word limit is 700 to 900 and writing will be judged on the following: creativity (50 per cent); structure (15 per cent); grammar (15 per cent); and the WOW Factor (20 per cent). First, second and third place will be given `10,000, `8000 and `6000 respectively.

Entries have already started coming in and the response is overwhelming, says Aguiar.


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