Janmashtami celebrations at Narvem


Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated on the banks of River Panchaganga at Porne Tirtha, Narvem, in the Bicholim taluka with great fervour. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, devotees made their way to Porne Tirtha, seeking the blessing of Lord Krishna, Lord Kaloba and other deities. As per tradition, devotees offered bel and tulsi leaves to the River Panchaganga, and flowers to the deities.

The festival began at dawn with devotees taking a dip in the holy river, formed out of the confluence of five rivers including Valwanti, Mhadei, Khandepar, Zuari and Bicholim. Following the holy dip, devotees sought blessings of Lord Kaloba and Lord Tirthar. They then went to seek the blessing of Goddess Shantadurga, Goddess Chamunda, Goddess Mahalaxmi, Goddess Kankadevi, Goddess Masnadevi and others, palanquins of whom were brought to the spot from Bicholim, Narvem, Pilgao, Mayem and surrounding areas through processions.


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