All set for a rocking time


J P Pereira

After a successful concert online, with over 52,000 views from across the world, the band ‘Rockin’ Marmalade’ will be premiering their much awaited second concert, ‘Goan Global 2’, on August 15, 2020 at 8:30pm on their Facebook page.

This edition presents a stellar line-up with Rita Rose, Alria Rose D’Souza and Engelbert Rose, who will be seen together in a concert after nearly a decade, singing songs of the legendary Alfred Rose. Tatum D’Souza (Babli), daughter of Bab Peter and Ophelia, will be performing their popular songs while Karen Vaswani will showcase a couple of iconic Lorna and Chris Perry tracks.

Watch out for the melodic guitar solos by guitarist Keith Mendes and percussion/rhythms by Avinash M.

“This concert will be different because many of the Goan classic songs have been rearranged by the band to deliver a fresh new sound with exotic rhythms and different chord work. The production has been two months of hard work to deliver an hour-long high voltage performance for our fans. All mixing, shoots and video editing have been a home production, harnessing basic equipment to its maximum potential to bring cheer during these pandemic times,” says Engelbert, while Rita Rose too expressed her happiness about performing for the show and also thanked fans for remembering the 88th birth anniversary of Goa’s ‘Melody King’ Alfred Rose on August 5.

Apart from singing her popular songs, Tatum D’Souza, whose father Bab Peter used to collaborate with Alfred Rose, years ago will be collaborating with Engelbert for the first time to perform their iconic hits. “I hope the fans will love it,” she says.

Band manager Keith Mendes says: “We were thrilled to have viewers of the previous concert, who wrote in from Kenya, Spain and Latvia, to name a few, who mentioned that though they didn’t understand the lyrics, they identified with the soulful and intrinsic Goan melodies and enjoyed the Konkani songs.”

‘Rockin’ Marmalade is working towards taking this Goan music presentation across borders through its series ‘Goan Global’ and will travel to perform, once the current pandemic eases.

(You can watch the concert on August 15, 8.30 p.m. on


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