Motorists seek steps against mudslides near Cortalim junction




Constant incidents of mudslides near the Cortalim junction pose a risk to the lives of the commuters, say locals and motorists.

It has been observed that there are constant reports of stones and mud slipping down from the hillock near the Cortalim junction. The hill has been excavated in order to pave the way for widening of the road and construction of the new Zuari bridge.

However, with rains lashing the state, the people are worried that the hillock could lead to an untoward incident if no attention is paid to the constant incidents of mudslides. As per eye witnesses, the loose stones and mud from the hillock keep sliding down onto the road during heavy rains.

“This poses a danger to the motorists. What if a boulder slides down and hits a vehicle? At the dusk, it is difficult to notice any mud or stones coming down from the hillock and, hence, the danger. Hundreds of vehicles pass along the stretch in a day,” stated a commuter who is a witness to one such incident of mudslide.

There were plans by the government to construct a retaining wall to avoid boulders and mud coming onto the road, but nothing has happened as yet.

There is a demand from the people, especially commuters, to construct a retaining wall in view of the porous condition of the hillock.

Former PWD minister Ramkrishna alias Sudin Dhavalikar, in his statement in the past, had said that “the construction of the proposed retaining wall would be possible prior to the monsoon,” but nothing has happened since then.