Song of the times


A Marathi video song ‘Kaal Kasala’ released online is a portrayal of the heartbreaking reality of the current situation the world is dealing with today – COVID 19. NT BUZZ talks to Naisa Lotlekar, the singer

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

‘Kaal Kasala’, the debut song by 19-year-old Naisa Lotlekar speaks of the tragedy, loss, pain, and fear, that each of us have had to go through because of the
ongoing pandemic.

“I wrote this song specially keeping in my mind my father who is stuck abroad. The more I missed him the more the words flowed in for this song,” she tells us.

A singer, songwriter, composer, and an actress who has won competitions like ‘Mhozo Tallo Aikat’ and ‘Goencho Avaz’, Lotlekar loves being versatile and thus tries to sing in different

“I thought of doing this song in Marathi, and the tune that started ringing in my head matched with the words perfectly,” says Lotlekar, who adds that she has a few more originals in Konkani, English and Hindi which are still work in progress currently.

Currently pursuing BA BEd, Lotlekar feels blessed to have performed at many musical concerts across Goa and has even shared the stage with Goa’s Nightingale-Lorna. She was also the lead actress in a Manglorean film ‘Benddkar’ alongside Varsha Usgaonkar, Prince Jacob.

Always backed by her parents, Lotlekar reveals that it was assistant parish priest of Se Cathedral Church Fr Seby Vaz who coaxed her to write and compose her own songs, during the lockdown time.

The music for ‘Kaal Kasala’ was arranged by Fr Marian Silveira and it was recorded in his studio. Brian Colaco mixed and mastered the track while singer Rohit Gavandi guided Lotlekar on how to sing and go about recording the song. Cinematography for the song has been done by Nikhil Haldankar, while a mass communication student Darren Fernandes has worked on creatives, lighting and promotion. Caley D’Mello did the hair and makeup, while Mangesh Dalvi assisted Lotlekar with pronunciations.