A recipe on positivity


The recent pandemic-induced lockdowns in the state has taught Jinnie Rodrigues the importance of growing her own food and eating local. NT BUZZ gets more details


The ongoing pandemic that has been raging for the past few months has taught Fatorda-based Jinnie Rodrigues that ‘health is wealth’. “Usually owing to our busy schedule, we tend to miss out on smaller things in life like spending time with family/friends. The lockdowns gave me the opportunity to appreciate these things,” says Rodrigues, who is a training and placement coordinator at VM Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE), Raia.

Given that she works at a hotel management institute, she also used the extra time on hands to hone her cooking skills. In fact, apart from distance running, trying out different desserts with her two kids is her new passion. “I also tried out Goan traditional recipes. The lockdown coinciding with the summer season made me try out authentic Goan recipes from my mother and mother-in-law, many passed down the generations from their mothers and

grandmothers,” she says.

In fact, she says, the lockdowns made her realise the importance of growing her own food and eating local food. And Goa has a bountiful of fruits and vegetables to offer, says Rodrigues. “Mangoes, jackfruits, pineapples and bananas are in abundance. Jackfruit is one such fruit which has a lot of health benefits. It aids with pressure, diabetes, ulcers, constipation and more,” she says, adding that as she had a lot of soft jackfruit known as ‘rasal’ with her, she decided to try out a dish known as ‘bhakri’ or ‘dhonas’.

Rodrigues who lives with her husband and two school-going children in Margao tries to stay indoors as much as possible due to the pandemic. She does her grocery and vegetable shopping online to avoid going outdoors. “My kids have learned some of the household chores such as sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, etc, which was otherwise not possible with a full day school and having domestic help,” says Rodrigues.

However, she says, she misses meeting friends and family over food, drinks and laughter. “I feel sad for the kids as they need to be outdoors playing and meeting their friends but are now stuck at home. Since I live in a gated community we still get to go for a walk and cycle around the premises though, which is nice,” she says.

And as her workplace has reopened, she says they all had to embrace a lot of changes such as washing their hands several times a day, wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance from colleagues, etc. “We have also had to adapt to online working,” she says.

However, she is being positive as she sees that this is the only way forward. “Although, seeing the number of cases and deaths does make me feel low sometimes, I cheer myself up by talking to friends and family, going for a long run or simply watching a movie or cooking a dish with my kids,” she says.