Save Education campaign takes off across states


Private schools across states are demanding that, the government pay school fees of students during the ongoing pandemic crisis. A 51-day long, national level, Save Education campaign was launched by private schools recently under the aegis of the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA). The campaign which started with an online Webinar will conclude on the Prime Minister  Narendra Modi’s birthday on September 17.

Speaking at the webinar, writer and columnist, Gurucharan Das, said that, it is time the government starts funding school children directly instead of reimbursing schools for their education. “The government should implement school voucher system through direct benefit transfer (DBT.) He said that this is also the only way to make quality education through good schools accessible to all children of the country.

Kulbhushan Sharma, national president of NISA, presided over the inaugural session of the online campaign. 

Speakers during the online session pointed out that, parents are finding it difficult to pay their children’s school fees during the pandemic.

As a result, schools too are in a serious financial crisis and it is difficult for them to pay salaries to their teachers. The government must come forward and fund the children, said speakers.

Approximately 18,000 parents, teachers, and school administrators from all over India joined the webinar through Facebook, Youtube and Zoom. Sharma said that, the government should provide Rs 50,000 per child through DBT so that every child may choose a school of his or her choice and get the right to quality education instead of just right to education.

He further said that if the government implements DBT funding for children, then over 1.5 crore teachers in the country will be able to earn Rs 25,000 to

Rs 30,000 per month in salaries.