NEP aims at making ‘job creators’, says PM



New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the new education policy announced by the government emphasises on making ‘job creators’ instead of ‘job seekers’ and is an attempt to transform the intent and the content of the country’s education system.

Addressing the finale of the Smart India Hackathon, he said the national education policy 2020 facilitates inter-disciplinary study which will ensure that the focus is on what the students want to learn.

“It is not just a policy document but a reflection of the aspirations of over 130 crore people. A large section of students feel they are judged on the basis of subjects in which they have no interest… Often there is pressure from friends and families and they start studying a particular subject without interest,” Modi said.

“This approach has contributed to a population which is literate but what it has studied is of no use to it… Despite having a pile of degrees, individuals feel incomplete and lack confidence which affects their whole life. The new education policy is an attempt to change this approach and bring systematic reforms in the education system by reforming the intent and content,” he added.

“Languages of India will progress and develop further due to the changes brought in the education policy. This will not only promote knowledge and learning in the country, but will also strengthen its unity,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the new NEP has been framed keeping in mind the aspirations of the youth of 21st century of our country.

“The 21st century is the era of knowledge. This is the time for increased focus on learning, research, innovation. This is exactly what India’s national education policy, 2020 does. We are focussing on the quality of education in India. Our attempts have been to make our education system the most advance and modern for students of our country.