45 volunteers in state tolerate ‘Covaxin’ dose




The Dhargal-based Redkar Hospital and Research Center on Saturday claimed that with 45 volunteers receiving the first dose of ‘Covaxin’, Goa became the third biggest ‘contributor’ in India in the phase-I of the human trials for the indigenous COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr Sagar Redkar of the RHRC told ‘The Navhind Times’ that Goa is third on the list with 45 volunteers; Chandigarh topped the chart with 50 volunteers followed by Hyderabad which have 47 volunteers.

He said that all the volunteers have tolerated the vaccine well and none of them have shown any adverse reactions to it.

It is pertinent to note that the RHRC is one of the 12 medical institutes across India selected by the Indian Council of Medical Research for clinical trials of ‘Covaxin’.

The ICMR has partnered with Bharat Biotech International Limited to fast track clinical trials for clinical trials of the vaccine.

Dr Redkar informed that the 45 volunteers will receive the second dose of the vaccine after completion of 14 days from the day they received the first dose, adding that the phase-II of the trials will begin two weeks later after the second dose of vaccine is administered to the volunteers.