HC dismisses petitions over 2 structures in CRZ




High Court of Bombay at Goa has dismissed two petitions related to commercial structures on property which come under Coastal Zone Regulations.

The case was that two persons have structures on their property, and that property stands covered by Coastal Zone Regulations. They both are using the structures commercially. Complained against and put on notice, they have contended before the authorities that the structures erected before 1991, offend no regulation. But the authorities held otherwise. Aggrieved, they filed writ petitions, withdrew them, and went before the National Green Tribunal but lost. Now, they have filed these writ petitions before the High Court.

The High Court single bench said that, “I therefore dismiss both the writ petitions. The dismissal, to repeat, is only on the grounds of alternative remedy. No observation in this judgment affects the merits, nor does it prejudice the cause of either party to the dispute.”

The High Court also said that the counsel for the petitioners has requested the court to suspend the operation of the judgment for six weeks, to enable the petitioners to exhaust the alternative remedy that is appeal to the Supreme Court. So, the respondents, the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority and others will keep on hold all consequential measures to this judgment for six weeks.