College interrupted

Final year college students didn’t get to bid a proper adieu to their mates and professors owing to the global pandemic. As they prepare for their last semester examination online, they reminisce about what they will miss most


When in final year, many college students look forward to make the last year a memorable one. However, this year amidst the pandemic, their last months did not go as planned.

 “It is said that your time in college is the ‘golden time’ of your life. I had developed a deep attachment to my college. Hence bidding it goodbye formally was my wish but the pandemic put an unexpected end to college,” says Raj Lotleker of Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi, who was looking forward to having a blast at the college farewell. However, he says, the pandemic cannot take away the memories of the time he and his friends spent together from skipping classes to irritating professors. “That’s what I’ll cherish the most as much as attending lectures,” he says.

Similarly, Arthi Naik also had a lot of plans to make her last months of college extra special. “If I had known about this, I would have hugged my friends a little tighter, clicked more pictures, and planned a last lunch date with them. I also regret bunking my last class, I should have spent more time chilling in the canteen and petting the college dogs and many more things,” says the student of Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Margao. Among the many memories of her college life, one that she will cherish forever is when her entire girl gang went for a day out to explore new places.

Naik however is fortunate that although she missed the actual farewell, her juniors made sure that she enjoyed the last day of this academic year, by giving all the final year students a virtual farewell.

And indeed, final year students dream of having the best farewell ever, says Vishwaja Faldessai of Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi. “It’s a day to say the unsaid, bid goodbyes and click pictures which will depict the memories to be retained for a lifetime. If you ask me one thing that I had planned to do was click a picture with each and every person whom I know or have been acquainted. Not just because I am obsessed with clicking pictures but also because it would give me a reason to interact with them one last time,” she says. Going down the memory lane, one memory which is etched into her heart forever is winning Tandav XI, an inter-department college event which taught Faldessai about leadership, networking, out of the box thinking and most importantly how strangers become a family when they work for a cause.

A mass communication student, Shikha Lagali of Don Bosco College, Panaji, was also looking forward to the farewell. “Some of my friends had even given their outfits for stitching,” she says. And now memories are all she is left with. One that especially comes to mind is when her class had a cultural event against juniors of their own department. “The unity and joy in our class that day, with people who were never seen in class, happily participating, is something that I will never forget.”

Shivani Pednekar of Shri Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering Information Technology, Shiroda meanwhile had planned a night out with friends and a picnic, a few days prior to the farewell. But this didn’t come to pass. Things are way different now, she says, right from their classes to examination pattern. This apart, she has endless memories to cherish for a lifetime, her favourite being the 10-day Bengaluru tour in 2018 which she enjoyed thoroughly.

Agnes Fatima Pinto from Vasco who was studying at Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru also had a planned outing with one of their external professors. But this had to be stalled since in their course most of them were outstation students. However, the college was shut down so all returned back to their hometowns. “Fortunately, we had a college farewell, so I didn’t miss out on that. And I will cherish the memory of being awarded the punctual student of my batch,” she says.

Another student, Shraddha Chari and her friends were planning to go for an outing before exam preparations began in full swing but they didn’t even get to bid a proper goodbye. “See you on Monday turned to see you next year, maybe,” says the student of Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar. “The best part of college life has to be the after class chit-chat sessions with friends – from talking about love, life, philosophy to making fun of each other. The time spent with them and our cool and inspiring teachers will be cherished for life.”