Earning Daily Bread Through Angling

Several people have lost their means of livelihood due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many have lost their jobs, others have seen a massive dip in their business. The taxi operators are at their wits’ end to make ends meet. Many are seen selling vegetables, fruits and other goods, which are displayed in the boot space of their vehicles. Those who own land have gone back to farming. It must be said that angling by individuals using the rod, line and hook can also help those who find it difficult to make ends meet, earn their daily bread. These people who have an enthusiasm for angling can spend time at the various water bodies to get a reasonable catch for the day. Besides being a recreational activity, angling can also help in earning some money on a daily basis in this moment of crisis. It must be said that the monsoon season is the right time for angling. The fresh fish that is caught from the water bodies is in great demand and can be sold in the market for a profit. Some fish can even be served at the dining table. Angling can be considered an important activity in these difficult times. 


Youth Must Return To Agriculture

The chaplain of Deussua chapel, along with community support and enthusiastic parishioners, has taken up an initiative of cultivating a lovely piece of land to grow vegetables and fruits in a strategic manner within the boundaries of the chapel by planting various saplings in coordination with the local authorities. Such an idea should not remain isolated to the parish landscape. In fact, others should emulate this so that people can make use of their personal land by forming a zone of say five neighbouring houses to cultivate fruits and vegetables. If one walks across Sarzora, he will see that most of the fields are fallow, without any crop being cultivated for years. This is the result of the current generation losing interest in agriculture due to lack of labour, support and ideas. Nature takes a toll on the soil when fields are left fallow for long and the soil gets destroyed. Cultivation breaks up the crusty soil surface, allowing for much easier penetration of air, nutrients and water deep into the soil where the plant roots can gain access. Today we are seeing our fellow Goans protesting every project while demanding that our environment needs to be protected. Does it not make sense then to practise what we preach?


Appreciating Efforts Of COVID Warriors

The COVID care centres established by the state government are being managed well and this should be appreciated. Recently, some of my friends who were detected COVID positive were admitted to the COVID care centres at Shiroda and Farmagudi. From what I have learnt from them, the quality of service there is excellent. Hygienic meals are served on time and the doctors are also doing their job well. We must note that managing a COVID care centre is not an easy task. Right from managing the logistics to housekeeping and food to medical attention, it requires rapt attention and dedication. It is learnt that Collector, Deputy Collector and mamlatdars visit the centres regularly to take stock of the situation. Rather than criticising via Facebook, let us appreciate the efforts taken by the corona warriors.