The rhythm of love


Global singers, rappers and dancers have been invited to be a part of DJ Major C’s new multilingual beat on the theme of love. NT BUZZ gets the details 


A few like-minded Goans who are part of The Music Mafia (TMM) have come together to pursue the #MafiaWorldLove Challenge, an initiative that will not only connect Goans from across the world but also put them in touch with international artistes from different parts of the world. 

The challenge, that began earlier this month, invites global singers, rappers and dancers to perform their act to DJ Major C’s new track on the theme of love. DJ Major C who has composed the tune is the man behind acclaimed hip-hop act ‘Bombay Basement’ that has played at the Glastonbury Festival that featured Adele, Coldplay and others.

Interested participants can write down the lyrics in any language. “One can write a chorus, play an instrument, dance, write a verse or the entire song and submit it either using a homemade phone video or a professional video. Post the challenge, we will collaborate with the selected top artistes who will feature on a final global music video,” says president of The Music Mafia, Joed Almeida adding that the #MafiaWorldLove challenge is their endeavour to unite and connect with humans universally through song, dance and love. 

“In these unfortunate times when negativity and fear is the order of the day, we believe there is no greater positivity than love. That’s why we’ve set out to spread love and connect Goans with the world and the world with Goa,” says Almeida, candidly. And in a bid to spread the love and get this project moving, they have connected with people from other states in India and from various places such as Dubai, England, Sweden, Zambia, Ireland, and Portugal. So far they have received entries from England, Madeira, Zambia, Dubai and Goa.

The challenge will give artistes a chance to interact with people in their field from other countries and the possibility is endless from there, says Almeida. “Collaborations between Goan and international artistes is one thing we foresee in the future,” he adds.

Currently, in Phase 1, the TMM team will move on to the second phase of the challenge in August, but entries will always be welcome. In Phase 2, singers will be provided full access to the library of lyrics and songs that are collated in Phase 1. “This will allow more people from all over the world to participate and enjoy as well as participate in the next wave of love, where they can sing and even translate across languages. This concept is truly unique and in our mind has never been done before and we will allow all the music created to be used freely across the world with no restrictions,” says Almeida.

(To participate, one can download DJ Major C’s track from TMMs bio on Instagram and submit an entry using #MafiaWorldLove through IGTV at or through a cloud drive link.)