Wall of Portuguese-era building collapses in city




A wall of a Portuguese era building behind General Post Office in the city which was declared ‘dangerous to public’ collapsed due to heavy rain.

Speaking to this daily, City Mayor Uday Madkaikar said that after the collapse of the wall he complained to the collector who in turn urged the mamletdar Tiswadi, Rahul Dessai for inspection and a joint inspection was conducted by him (mayor) along with ward councillor, Vithal Chopdekar, ME, JE under the direction of deputy collector Gurudas Dessai.

There are many co-owners to the building as a result the building has been lying in a dilapidated state. The CCP had cordoned off/barricaded the road after some building material came down in the past due to incessant rain, he said.

The collapse of old buildings comes within the purview of the Disaster Management and CCP has no power/right to take any action in this regard.  However within the next few days some action will follow as per the old and collapsible buildings in the city is concerned, he added.

The difficulty is that the owners refuse to grant permission to the tenants either to repair or renovate the building, due to which the buildings lie on the verge of collapse, he said.