10 more COVID cases reported in Panaji




Coronavirus is fast spreading in and around the Panaji constituency, with 10 more COVID cases coming to light on Tuesday morning.

This was revealed by the city Mayor Uday Madkaikar.

Speaking to this daily, Madkaikar said that testing of throat swab samples of three more persons staying above the fish market found them to be positive for   COVID.

“The throat swab samples of the residents of Ameena building  were taken for testing after two COVID cases (a couple) were found a few days back. Of the remaining Ameena building residents, three have tested positive for COVID. Also, three persons from Eldorado building and a person staying behind Caculo Mall have tested positive for COVID,” Madkaikar added. 

“In all, 10 more COVID cases have come to light on Tuesday, but test reports of many others are awaited.  Nearly 6,000 throat swab samples across the state are yet to be taken up for testing due to the lack of manpower,” he pointed out.