Farmers of three talukas unite against illegal mining




The farmers from Bicholim, Sattari and Bardez talukas have united against illegal mining activities and have regretted that the authorities have turned a Nelson’s eye to their losses. 

Addressing a press conference here in the city a farmer from Pissurlem, Hanuman Parab said that after their pleas have fallen into deaf ears they have now approached the High Court. 

An organisation, Federation of Rainbow warriors has helped the farmers in filing the PIL. As per farmers after the PIL, three inspections were held but the mining department is not ready to accept that there was illegal excavation done by the company. 

“The department should be impartial when taking up inspection as the officials are favouring the company” said Parab. “There are many illegalities even in transportation as without proper passing of vehicles the trucks are carrying the ore”.

“The Supreme Court has said to transport the existing ore but they have done fresh excavation. We would now chalk out a plan of action and would bring about awareness among the villagers about all the illegalities of the mining company” Parab said. 

Speaking on the occasion a Mayem farmer Sakharam Pednekar came down heavily on the transportation of ore through Mayem village. 

“We have time and again approached the authorities including the deputy collector with our grievance but they did not pay any heed to our demands” Pednekar said.  “Our fields are filled with sludge, some of the water bodies are completely destroyed.”

“When we contacted some of the farmer’s associations we realised that most of them had the same issues. So we came together and filed a petition” said Pednekar.