Media Matters held at St Xavier’s College



A series of web talks focusing on the issues, challenges and opportunities in the world of media was organised by the departments of journalism and mass communication of St Xavier’s College, Mapusa.

The maiden web talk edition of Media Matters 2020 on Media and Communication received a response from over 230 participants consisting of students, academicians and members of media fraternity from across the country especially from Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Kerala.

To tide over the difficulties faced in interacting and ideating during the lockdown, the first web talk discussed the future of PR as an industry wherein resource account manager of Edelman India, Yashodhara Roy, spoke on brand communication and how it works in the field of PR. She stressed on the need of storytelling as a basic tenet in the client-servicing process. She went on to illustrate these with the help of vivid case studies of clients she had handled and how it helped her grow in confidence and management skills.

In the second web talk film critic Sachin Chatte discussed ‘Cinema Aaj aur Kal’. He spoke about Indian Cinema and how OTT (Over the Top) platforms have changed the manner in which the industry functions. Chatte highlighted the different formats which are now becoming popular on the digital platform and how traditional distribution systems in cinema have to rework their business models amidst the pandemic.

Whereas in the third web talk on Digital Media vs Print Media – Can it co-exist? editor of ITP Media group, Dubai, Nikhil Pereira shared his experience of how the styles of writing have changed, and the difference between short form and long form of writing for the web. Upon being asked questions on what the future of journalism would be, Nikhil added that “both print and digital will co-exist”. There were queries about how the job industry has changed in the Middle East and he also spoke about how young students could begin their journey in this career.

In the fourth web talk freelance PR executive from Chhattisgarh, Drishya Venugopal, spoke about how PR works from the internal and external publics as well as how stakeholders play an important role for any organisation. She highlighted that crisis management is also an important part of PR and that both soft skills as well strategy building helps during this time.

The fifth web talk with assistant editor, Indian Express Delhi, Aaron Pereira gave participants an overview of how news content is generated and published for news portals. He also spoke of the importance of multimedia skills and why these play an important role in journalism today.

In the sixth web talk, senior correspondent for The Quint, Delhi, Aishwarya Iyer, presented a strong narrative on minorities and communally sensitive stories covered by the ‘The Quint’ before and even during the pandemic. She called it ‘Telling stories, no one is willing to tell’. Aishwarya shared her firsthand accounts of covering the Delhi riots as well as mob lynching cases, and how she has learned to deal with these stories with empathy and an objective

In the seventh web talk, veteran journalist from Goa, Sandesh Prabhudesai spoke on ‘Changing Face of Goan Media in Regional Languages’ with an interesting history on the origins of print, TV and cable industry in Goa. While interacting with participants he discussed how the pandemic has changed the workflow as well as work force in Goa, highlighting the shutting down of a newspaper as well as the layoffs and pay cuts happening in the industry. While speaking about regional languages he was affirmative that Konkani has a larger audience and that news content would grow in the coming years across

In another web talk with assistant professor of St Aloysius College, Mangaluru, Vishal Nayak K presented his views on ‘Digital Content Marketing and Customer Engagement – Indian Perspective’ in a holistic and practical manner. He discussed the importance of digital marketing in integrated marketing approach and explained how it differs from traditional advertising. Giving the background of the ongoing pandemic, Vishal highlighted how brands look at customer engagement as an important part of sustaining their business as well. He also shared the key features necessary in working at good customer

And in the final web talk senior correspondent of IANS, Mayabhushan Nagvenkar, introduced the participants to the world of investigative journalism and discussed the skills and characteristics required while working undercover. He elucidated it with brief instances of his stories and how he worked in different circumstances. According to him inquisitiveness is the key – to keep asking questions makes you a journalist in the true sense.