Taking note of Konkani music


Musician, singer and songwriter, Alison Gonsalves recently released a Konkani music video ‘Nanv Tujem Kitem’ which received 25,000 views within 24 hours. NT BUZZ details


With a modern and western touch, ‘Nanv Tujem Kitem’ is the third original composition by musician, singer, and songwriter, Alison Gonsalves, who has been in music professionally for over 10 years now.

The music video which released online on June 21 received 25,000 views within 24 hours and has till date crossed over one lakh views. The music production for the tune was done by Gonsalves and his friend Aldrich Fernandes. “The lyrics are simple and fast yet meaningful. The music and the video are very different from what the Goan Konkani music scene has seen. We’re very happy with the response,” says Gonsalves, who first began his music journey on YouTube by posting covers around four years ago.

“My sister Ancy and I would make our own covers of English songs and upload these. After receiving a decent response for this, I decided it was time to showcase our originality. I had a few English songs already written, but I decided we should start off by releasing Konkani music first,” he says.

The first Konkani original song was ‘Mog Sasnacho’, a love ballad, in February 2019 which got a very good response. “People loved the video and the response motivated me to do more,” he says.

In July 2019 he put out another song, ‘Mog Zala Mhaka’, which is a fun song on a reggaeton beat.

He says: “I felt this song required a rap, and I instantly thought of a Konkani rapper (Waking Grunt) and he took the song to another level.” Currently they have crossed 8,50,000 views for this song on YouTube in 11 months.

In the near future, Gonsalves plans to release his English compositions and work on some more Konkani music. “I want the Goan music industry to bloom, and this is possible only if we all support local talent. I encourage our Goans to support all upcoming artistes not just in the field of music but in other forms of art too,”
he says.