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‘Paavli-ek paavsali saanj’ (Paavli- a rainy evening)’ a poetry recitation evening will be hosted live online by Antruz Ghudyo on July 11

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

Antruz Ghudyo, a socio-cultural group of youth hailing from Bandora-Ponda is gearing up to organise its annual poetry recitation programme ‘Paavli-ek paavsali saanj’ (Paavli- a rainy evening) on July 11.

The event is expected to witness participation from poetry writers and poetry lovers, both young and old and will be held live on Antruz Ghudyo’s official Facebook page at 6 p.m.

Having begun with this event in 2013, this will be the eight year of hosting the event.  Talking about how the event has emerged as one that is highly anticipated, former president of Antruz Ghudyo Tanvi Bambolkar says: “Paavli was one of the dream projects that we took up eight years back where we thought of bringing out poems related to rains during the monsoons and presented by young poets from various

Initially it used to be hosted at Sneh Mandir, an old age home in Bandora and once was even held at the Black Box of Kala Mandir, Ponda. “All these years so many young poets have presented some beautiful poems during Paavli,” says Bambolkar who adds that this year though online, the zeal and joy remains the same.

President of the socio-cultural group, Saidatt Kamat, tells us that ‘Pavli-An evening of poetry recitation on Rains’ is one of their main annual events being organised since 2013. “Held during the rainy season it has a mixture of eminent poets and upcoming talented poets reciting their perspective about rains in their own way through poems.”

Due to the pandemic, initially, there were apprehensions of whether this event should be hosted or not, but then Kamat thought that while going through the pandemic, wading through the negativity we are surrounded by, there was a need to spread some ray of positivity, which is why “we did not wanted to skip the eight year of ‘Pavli’ and we thought about an alternative way of hosting this event via social media,” says Kamat.

The line-up of poets for this year includes Venkatesha Nayak (Manguluru), Shivdeep Naik, Deepraj Satordekar, Mithun Gurav, Rajat Hegde, Purva Vasta, Neha Sawkar Vaze, Sanvi Khandeparkar, Vaishnavi Pai Cacode and Sarika Naik. Hosting this evening of poems will be Hrushikesh Kadam.

The organisers tell us that now that the event is live, they are hopeful that there will be several poetry lovers from across Goa who can be part of this programme and be inspired to write

Secretary, Shivani Phadte adds to the conversation and says that though this event has become a regular feature year after year, it’s not limited to the group but there are several enthusiasts who wait for the evening of poetry. And now with the reach widening through social media, she hopes that this event will blossom the way it does every year achieving a new high, each time.

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