CM: vocational education in state will be streamlined


Panaji: Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, on Monday, chairing a meeting with the officials of the department of education reached some important decisions, which focused on expanding the scope of vocational education in the state.

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, Sawant, who is also the Education Minister said that time has come to streamline the vocational education in the state, in the fast changing global scenario.

“We need to focus on employment oriented and skill based education,” he added, pointing out that vocational education would largely help in this regard.

The meeting decided to set up a committee for ascertaining the vertical mobility of the vocational courses, with the active participation of the directorates of education, technical education and higher education. 

In addition, the recruitment rules for government jobs would be examined, to find if changes can be made to accommodate the vocational students.

The remuneration of the vocational teachers has also been enhanced to Rs 25,000.

Furthermore, the vocational teachers in aided schools will be known only as contract basis vocational teachers, while the nomenclatures such as full-time contract basis, double part-time, single part-time, etc have been removed.

Henceforth, additional divisions in excess of those permitted under the vocational scheme, would not be allowed.

It was also decided that the schools running more than three vocational courses would not be permitted to run the extra courses.

The meeting decided as regards redistribution amongst the self-help groups supplying the mid-day meals, so that parity is maintained in respect of number of students.

Another decision at the meeting would witness covering aided primary schools under the maintenance grants instead of the existing scheme of Rs 400 per child per month.

It was also decided to regulate pre-primary schools as per the Goa School Education Act and Rules.

Furthermore, the remuneration of the part-time instructors under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has been enhanced to Rs 22,000 as against the existing Rs 16,000 per month.

Finally, the remuneration of the lecture basis teachers teaching in government high schools and government higher secondary schools since the past five years, has been enhanced to Rs 25,000.