1,038 repeat traffic violators penalised in 6 months


Panaji: As many as 1,038 repeat traffic violators have been penalised by the Panaji traffic cell in 6 months. The police said that if a motorist is caught again for the same traffic violation, then there is enhanced penalty.

Owing to the e-challan system, it has now become easier for the police to identify a repeat traffic violator. The e-challan system was launched in December last year.

“If a rider/driver is found in a repeat traffic offence, the e-challan machine automatically shows the details and based on which a challan is generated,” said Panaji traffic cell in-charge PI Brendan De Souza, adding that, “every repeat traffic offence has enhanced penalties.”

De Souza has urged motorists to follow traffic laws.

As per the data, since January till June 25, the Panaji traffic police have penalised 1038 motorists for repeat traffic offences of which majority are pertaining to two-wheelers without rear view mirror wherein 610 riders have been penalised.

“In terms of safety, rear view mirrors are very important in a vehicle. It helps a rider/driver to see other motorists who are behind,” said De Souza.

Other repeat traffic violations include 392 cases of vehicles with tinted glass, vehicles without number plate -12 cases, while 10 cases pertaining to improper number plates. There are also 6 cases pertaining to riders without helmet while rash and negligent driving – 4 cases, 2 pertaining to no entry and 2 others.

In these 6 months, the traffic cell, Panaji, has booked 35,463 cases pertaining to various traffic violations, around 8,363 more compared to corresponding period of previous year. Last year in the first six months, there were 27,100 traffic violation cases.

De Souza informed that apart from regular traffic enforcement, they also conduct special drives against certain traffic violations, and has urged motorists to ride safe and follow the traffic rules.

According to the police, the e-challan system has made the task of data analysis simpler, robust and quick and also transparent.

Explaining the benefits of e-challan system, police officials said that they can identify repeat traffic violators and impose enhanced penalties as per the traffic rules.

The Goa police had procured 400 e-challan machines of which 312 were given to the traffic cells in the state while the remaining to the district police.

The police said that moment the details of a traffic violator is entered in the machine, it provides the history, if any, whether the person was previously involved in any traffic violations.