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Lockdown days was a challenge for this lady from Panaji who had to get used to cooking and cleaning the house by herself


Having been married for over 12 years in an elite family, a lady from the capital city who doesn’t want her name mentioned was presented with an unexpected challenge with the imposition of the lockdown in Goa recently.

Usually aided in the housework by domestic help, the lockdown meant that she had to buckle up and do the work herself, in addition to handling her career life.

“I had a tough time doing all the odd jobs I had never done in my life,” she says, adding that from sweeping, moping, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, work for her at home just wouldn’t end.

“There was absolutely no time to relax, to chat with anybody, watch television or even make calls to catch up with her family or friends,” she says.

The toughest task, she says, was cooking. “Since everybody was home, the food was just never enough. Add to that each family member has their own preferences. Also, my family wanted fresh food in the afternoon and night. This meant planning, fetching groceries and struggling in the kitchen,” she says.

In what was a great help for her however was her friends sharing groceries, fish, pastries and whatever they could to make life easy, she says gratefully.

The lockdown relaxations have meant that her domestic help, driver and others could come back to work. “But the scare continues and with cases increasing, I am going to become the all-in-one at home again,” she laughs, adding that she was flooded with information about the pandemic, and updates about what’s going to happen through predictions and jokes at home.

However, despite the tough time, she says, the whole experience has also been an eye opener for her into the lives of the not so fortunate people who do such work daily, and accept life as it comes.

“This lockdown helped me improve my housekeeping skills, and taught me that life can be unpredictable, and that I have to be ready and not be dependent totally on others,” she says, while also expressing her gratitude to her family who adjusted with whatever she could manage.

“I hope this pandemic ends and people go back to their lives yet accept reality,” she says.