Visions of fantasy

Freelance digital artist from Goa, Nasya Pereira has worked with a number of noted music personalities like Raja Kumari, NERVO, Krewella, Shiva (DJ), Shira Elias, etc. NT BUZZ catches up with the youngster


Nasya Pereira began her tryst with digital art in 2015 by creating vintage collages using old photographs found from magazine online.

“I’m not very good at illustrating or painting by hand. So, I thought I’d go digital and create collages to express my thoughts better, and share that with the world,” says the Revora-based artist, who was inspired by

vintage collage artists like Joe Webb and Eugenia Loli.

Through the years, with practice and consistency, Pereira found her own style, and post her graduation in mass communication from St Xavier’s College, Mapusa in 2018, she chose to focus full time on her art.

Inspired by fantasy and magic, Pereira’s art often features elements of space, especially the moon. “My work is also inspired by my culture. There is so much to learn from here in Goa, religious art, royalty, the different architecture. You can be motivated by anything if you just look around you!” she says. Glitter also regularly makes an appearance. “I love sparkle and gold toned details!” she says, adding that she is often inspired by floral prints too. “Living in a village in Goa, surrounded by lush green forests and fields, tropical plants and flowers, inspire me,” she says. Music also motivates her a lot. “I’m always playing tunes in the background, from jazz, to my favourite hip hop music, synthwave from the 80s, lo-fi music. I love it all! So many favourite genres to choose from,” says Pereira.

And thus, it comes as no surprise that she loves to work on artwork for musicians.  Most of the musicians she works with are mainly from the USA. She creates cover art for their music albums, posters, designed merch, etc. A few artistes she has created for so far include the Grammy award-winning Raja Kumari, NERVO, Krewella, Shiva (DJ), Shira Elias, etc. “They send me their unreleased music and tell me to come up with what I’m inspired by after listening to it. Of course, they’ll share a few minor details to begin with, like the colour scheme maybe, or the theme they’d prefer. But they give me freedom to work on it how I like, following my creative process,” she says. Her work is basically collage-styled, using various details to create the picture, so she tries to add details inspired by the lyrics in the music.

And it’s quite exciting to be among the first to hear new music from musicians. “I feel so special listening to something the world hasn’t heard yet, something that could someday be a hit! And I’ve heard it first hand,” she says.

Many of her clients find her work via Instagram (@nasyagoafreak) or her website since most of her artwork is featured there. “We share details regarding the process, and move forward from there. I also sell a few of my prints on the website,” she says.

Pereira has recently worked on two of her biggest projects so far. One of them was for a music project – an artwork for Krewella × Nervo × Raja Kumari’s single ‘Goddess’, which was released earlier in May, her biggest international project so far. “The cover art was inspired by India, the goddess energy, plus of course the lyrics,” she says. Having grown up listening to Krewella’s music, she was thrilled to get a chance to create artwork for this track.

“Also, Raja Kumari is such a wonderful person, always inspiring me to be the best version of myself, I remember meeting her for the first time back in 2017 and she’s been supporting my art ever since then. It was incredible being a part of that project – with such powerful women,” she says.

Another big project she worked on recently was for the Cosmopolitan India Magazine, Summer Issue for May 2020. She was contacted by the editor of the magazine to work on a project called ‘Portraits From Isolation’. “141 celebrities photographed themselves at home during the lockdown, and these images were then processed by me. They had elements of summer nights – the flowers, and the magical cosmos; ‘Full Bloom under the Full Moon’, how I’d like to call it. It was such a surreal experience!” she says. A few celebrities who featured in this project were Karisma Kapoor, Jim Sarbh, Sushant Divgikar, Esha Gupta, etc. “Seeing them repost these images on their social media was wonderful, and they loved it so much!” she says.

Besides this, she works closely with a PR firm based in Florida, USA. “I create monthly invites for their event, ‘Full Moon Glow Up’, which consists of meditation and yoga classes, their goal is to help people realise the power of the moon and allow them to connect with its energy. Some people want custom artwork – portraits of theirs worked on, something they can print and hang up in their homes, studios, etc,” she says.

And like every job, she too has to meet deadlines, especially given that music releases have fixed release dates, but she is given a lot of time to work on her art and is informed well in advance. “I need my own time to work on the overall aesthetic of the image, come up with ideas for details and their placement, etc. So, one image could take me around five hours or longer to complete, if it’s very detailed,” she says. “I don’t like to rush into my creative process, creativity is all about drawing inspiration from source energy and you have to be mindful of these things if you want to create something different.”

However, she says that working as a freelance artist is a bit tough in Goa. “Working a 9 to 5 is considered compulsory by so many people I know. No one believes in self-employment or working on your own brand’, at least not if you’re of a very young age,” she says.

But besides the joy of working on memorable projects, what also keeps her going is having people tell her that she has inspired them to begin creating. After all, she says: “As an artist, one of my main goals is to inspire others to create and express themselves.”

Digital art aside, Pereira also enjoys photography and is constantly trying to capture Goa’s beauty. “I live for this, capturing sunsets from different places is my favourite thing to do at the end of the day, I try not to miss this. Watching the sunset, is a different experience each time,” she says, adding that these images are also incorporated in her work.