Traditional Mapusa vendors want sales restarted


Mapusa: Local vendors who have been selling locally grown eatable items in Mapusa market are feeling the pinch as they are not allowed to conduct business for the past three months since the government-enforced lockdown in view of Covid-19 pandemic.

The aggrieved vendors have demanded that they be allowed to do business in the market area.

On Monday morning, around 35-40 vendors dealing in locally-grown eatable items like coconuts, bananas, vegetables approached the municipal inspector and requested to allow them to do their vending activity. However the municipal inspector refused to oblige on the grounds that no permissions has been given by either the Mapusa chairperson or chief officer to allow vending activity.

Raising their grievances, a vendor Prakash Phadte said that their business is shut down for the past three months following government order of lockdown adding, “Currently, the government has been given relaxation to businesses but we are yet to get any relief. MMC has allowed some vendors to sit and do business in the front lane of entrance of the market but why vendors are not allowed in the market. This is only source of income for us and if we are denied the same then how will survive,” said Phadte.

Another vendor Satyavati Gawas demanded that the traditional vendors who have been doing business for the last several years should be allowed to sell their wares at the earlier site by following all guidelines laid by the government authorities.

Another elderly woman said that that they should be allowed to at least start sale on a smaller scale.