Agitated Taleigao farmers want their cultivable fields back


Panaji: Taleigao farmers are up in arms against the panchayat over the issue of fields and are demanding that their fields be reverted to them.

They have further said that if their fields were not reverted they would be compelled to move the High Court and further depending on the court’s decision they would intensify their agitation against what they claim ‘illegal land acquisition.’

“We want our fields back for paddy cultivation. The fields were acquired by the panchayat without our consent. Now, the fields are being filled with mud by the panchayat even though the farmers are undertaking the works for cultivation,” said the farmers.

Addressing the media, Pundalik Raikar and Cecille Rodrigues, along with farmers Candido Dias, Xavier Almeida, Joaquina Esabelle Viegas, Etelvina Dias, Robert Falcao and Camilo Fernandes demanded that the fields be returned to the farmers, otherwise, the farmers will have to knock the doors of the High Court.

They alleged that these fields, that are the only source of income for the farmers, were acquired by fraudulent means.

It was highlighted that the farmers have inherited the fields from their forefathers and have been cultivating them for last 70 years.

They alleged that the panchayat has violated all resolutions which were passed during the gram sabhas and inserted their own agenda after taking signatures and kept the gram sabha members in the dark.

They have demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter and also the ODP and further vowed to continue their fight till they get justice.

They claimed that there is no market, health centre, recreation centre for children and aged persons in Taleigao but for outsiders Taleigao appears to be developing while what was happening was only acquisition of land and road constructions.