On Controversial English Language Paper

This is with reference to the news report ‘Board assures action for denigrating Goa in SSC English paper’ (NT May 25). It is unfortunate that a hornet’s nest has been stirred by paper setters of the Goa Board of Secondary Education by framing of 2 questions in the English language paper of the recently conducted SSC examination, which were found to be derogatory and insulting to the Goa government. If the objective of the questions set was to test the language skills of the students, then there are so many ways of doing it the literary way, instead of choosing to rub salt on politically sensitive issues like unemployment, corruption, bribery, Portuguese passports, etc. Shakespeare and his works have unfortunately  become irrelevant and unheard of in today’s English language syllabus in our schools.


Please Try To Keep Your Children Busy

As the lockdown to be continued, most children are becoming irritated and sad. Recently Bhopal Police have found 30 cases of children who ran away from their houses. Eventually after locating they were sent to their homes by the Child Council. In these days, children are getting bored by frequently listening instructions such as, ‘don’t go outside’, ‘don’t play with your friends’, etc. Then TV and mobile are the only means of entertainment left behind with children. These children are becoming the victims of constant study, future worries, irritability, quarrels and domestic violence. All of this is diversely affecting their childhood and their future. Adults need to be aware of this. We, the parents need to communicate with them in a proper way, so that; children could freely express their feelings. Moreover children should be encouraged to learn something new and better with an interesting manner. Even we can involve them in our household work. As we all know the idiom ‘empty minds is house of devils’. To avoid this, parents should have proper bonding and close attention towards the children.


Wear Physical Transponders For Distancing

Medical experts believe that the coronavirus is here to stay. With no vaccine and cure in sight, the only way one can protect oneself is by following preventive measures. As of now the only way to prevent getting infected is by staying at home, wearing a mask, using hand-sanitiser and social distancing. Staying at home may not be a long term option. Social distancing can be a tricky affair. In a crowded place it may not be possible to maintain the required distance at all times. It is pertinent to note that museums and cultural centres in Europe are ready to welcome guests once again. However the authorities have introduced certain norms for social distancing. All visitors will now require to wear physical transponders that beeps and buzz when one guest gets too close to another. By wearing it the visitor will feel the sensor with a vibration and a sound that will inform the person that he/she is less than two metres away from another person. Almost every person in India does carry a mobile phone while stepping out of the house. The mobile could incorporate a device or have an app which gives a beep and vibration when the person is close to another person. This will warn the person and shall go a long way in effectively maintaining social distancing in a densely populated country like India.