Garbage treatment plants to come up in Chicalim, Sancoale


Vasco: The Minister for Panchayati Raj Mauvin Godinho, on Wednesday, said that Rs 15 crore, which was sanctioned by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to set up garbage treatment plant under its CSR initiative, will be utilised for setting up two modern garbage treatment plants, in Chicalim and  Sancoale, which comes under the flying path of Dabolim airport.

Godinho was speaking to the reporters on the occasion of handing over of ‘gift deed’ of land, admeasuring 1,577 square metre, bought by builder and developer Anand Bose at a cost of Rs 65 lakh under CSR initiative.

The land has been transferred in the name of Sancoale panchayat, and the  particular documents were handed over to sarpanch Girish Pillai during a simple function held at BJP office at New Vaddem, in the presence of panch members Nandini Dessai, Govind Lamani, Succorine Vales, Arish Kadar besides Sancoale Zilla Panchayat member Anita Thorat and panchayat secretary Krishna Gawde.

The state government will allocate Rs 3.50 crore for the construction of the new panchayat ghar at Sancoale.

“The tender has been opened for garbage treatment plant which will be set up at Mormugao IDC, Chicalim. This will be the first of its kind modern garbage treatment plant in terms of bio-digester facility in the land admeasuring 4,500 square metre provided by Chicalim Communidade. Around Rs 7 crore will be invested on the plant from the total Rs 15 crore sanctioned by the AAI under it CSR initiative. The work on garbage treatment plant will start in another fortnight,” informed Godinho.

He further said that in Sancoale, another  garbage treatment plant will be set up in a land admeasuring about 3,000 square metres, allocated by Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd.

“The remaining fund from Rs 15 crore will be utilised for Sancoale garbage treatment plant,” he said.

The Minister opined that “the Panchayat authority has made a provision of Rs 9 lakhs for the panchayat bodies, which come under the radius of Dabolim airport in order to handle garbage system.”

“Both the garbage treatment plants at Chicalim and Sancoale will generate either gas or power, and with clean management of garbage, there will be no bird hits at Dabolim airport,” claimed Godinho.