FC Goa goes to college



Last season (2019-2020), FC Goa reached out to college students through a newly designed FC Goa’s College Ambassador Program to engage with them. 25 college ambassadors were chosen across 12 leading Goan colleges through an online contest where they had to show their interest and reasons for supporting FC Goa. Over 300 responses were received, even from colleges outside Goa. These were then screened by FC Goa and further shortlisted.

Chief Operating Officer (COO), FC Goa, Aditya Datta says that the ages of 18-24 are a core part of their fan base and it is important to the club to engage with them. “It helps us from the point of view of being more in touch with our fans and getting first-hand feedback. This kind of engagement works well for all participants – as a club it gives us insights into fan sentiment and what we could do better, while the ambassadors have direct access to the club and know about our initiatives first-hand,” he says.

These ambassadors are now the voice for the club who will help communicate various fan engagement and marketing campaigns for the club. Datta says: “Being one stop communication channels for their respective colleges, they relay fan sentiment, feedback, and requirements from their respective colleges. At the same time, they communicated club programs, campaigns and initiatives to the fans.”

2019-20 was the first year of the program. Although it went well, Datta says that there was a lot of learning and feedback for them. “The first objective was to reach out to and hear the college students in specific, which was met. We were able to engage directly and learn a lot from them,” he says. Along with this, the ambassadors were the face of the club, which led to a presence of the club at the colleges, creating brand recall. The ambassadors also helped in distribution of merchandise, and sale of tickets.

Over the coming year, the club is looking at recruiting more ambassadors and also plans to increase the scope of their program, to make it more attractive to the ambassadors. “The biggest highlight would be us creating a lasting relation and connection with college students, and thereby the colleges. It is a strong bond, where we are still in touch through the off season. The immense energy, commitment and excitement shown by them are a testament to their support for the club,” says Datta.