Skyrocketing prices push fish out of Goans’ plate




Fish has virtually gone out of reach of the common man in view of the extremely high prices of a variety of quality fish available in the municipal market.

Of late, fish has become a rich man’s commodity as the high price of fish refuses to come down since the clamp down of the Janata Curfew followed by the country wide lockdown till the Municipal market was reopened for the general public.

On Thursday morning nothing was available below Rs 500 except for small prawns, mixed fish, squids, (bale) tape fish and (lepos).

Though many fishermen turned up with quality fish in the market, the consumers could not buy the costly mackerels selling at Rs 500 a kg, pomfret Rs 1200 a kg,

(shetuk) Silver perch 7 pieces Rs 500, big sized (Shevte) mullet Rs 500 a kg, medium sized mullet Rs 400 a kg, prawns Rs 500 – Rs 600 a kg, two Red Snappers costing Rs 500 (small size) while (Chonak) Perch Rs 500 a kg, King fish Rs 900 and Rs 1000 a kg, Tiger prawns Rs 1000 a kg.

Fishermen have complained that there is no fish in the sea even after venturing into the high seas, trawlers have returned empty handed incurring heavy losses on diesel, maintenance, and labour, while some believe that the good quality fish from Goa is being exported to neighbouring states as it fetches high price.

While others stated that import of fish from neighbouring states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have stopped due to the lockdown and as such Goan fishermen and traditional fishermen’s catch is not enough to meet the increasing demands from consumers.

Many city residents came, saw, took stock of the prevailing prices and went home without buying fish as it was not fitting into their budget.

Above all, migrants working on trawlers have also left the job and are in a hurry to go to their native states as non- availability of railway tickets has put them into a lot of problems.