GCZMA allows temporary structures at riverfront, beach frontage to boost tourism


Panaji: In a bid to boost hinterland tourism and promote better infrastructural facilities for tourists, the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) recently took a decision to allow erection of temporary structures at riverfront and beach frontage using only  20 per cent FAR.

The coastal regulatory body had received number of applications seeking permissions to erect huts/shacks/cottages at places having river frontage.

These places are of two categories, that is, having beach frontage and the second category is of such a nature that it only has water frontage. For instances areas like Siridao, Bambolim etc have beach frontage and places like Chicalim, Siolim have water frontage.

The authority says there had been a phenomenal increase in the tourist footfall in the state and providing facilities in the riverine areas would also boost tourism in the hinterlands which is otherwise centered only around the coastal areas having beach frontage.

In absence of a study report on river carrying capacity like that of beach carrying capacity, it was suggested to the members that the terms and conditions as contained in the beach carrying capacity report prepared by NCSCM be made applicable to river front areas both for beach frontage and water frontage.

However, the FAR for such properties unlike that as provided for in the beach carrying report which has made a provision to utilise 33 per cent of the land area only for ground based temporary and seasonal structures, shall not be applicable but the FAR be limited to 20 per cent.

The members, after going through the proposal say, by far and large the proposal is meant to promote better infrastructural facilities for tourists.

“The conditions as laid down in the beach carrying capacity report prepared by NCSCM shall be applied and be applicable to all such requests made by parties who seek to place huts/shacks/cottages in river front areas with FAR of 20 per cent,” the order reads.