Students Are Victim To This Pandemic



Most of the primary students and secondary students upto ninth class were promoted to next class based on yearly assessment and internal marks. However the worst affected were X class and XII class students who were left with 2 or 3 papers to answer in their board exams. Both CBSE and state board exams could not be held due to the COVID-19 episode.The unending cases of virus effect on humans has put the students career in jeopardy. Many students must have planned their studies and wish to join  professional fields. But everything has been cancelled and are left with no choice but to seat at home. Their career  depends on their performance in their board exams and marks decide the option. Even the entrance test like CEE and NET are out of question at present with lockdown. Though Goa  state has decided to conduct exams from May 20 and 21 many parents and students had apprehensions regards to conduct of exams as safety measures and norms to be strictly followed after the state has witnessed COVID-19 cases in last 2-3 days. It is not easy for students to comeback in exam mood after long gap of 50 days. The aspirations of students and parents have been disturbed by the virus. Many board exam level students had their coaching classes starting in the vacation itself. Today students have to rely on online classes conducted by tutors which will enable to them to complete their syllabus in time. It is possible only because of modern technology and many having smart phone having the said function to interact. Though there is no direct face to face contact with tutor/mentor  and students they have to depend and learn this system. Today we have many apps coming for online studies like BYJU›s, Vedanta, etc which interact  with students   online and provide solutions to their academics on a tip of fingers.Classroom teaching has its own merits when it comes to one to one interaction and on other hand we have  screen approach towards each other which may not be so effective.