Online tracking of coronavirus using geo-spatial technology


Team B&C | NT

Goan IT company, Transerve Technologies, launched Transerve Online Stack (TOS) an online tracking, monitoring and analyzing programme to inform businesses of coronavirus presence in their area.

With coronavirus spreading at a rapid pace, the need of the hour is to be aware of the presence of infections across geographies while alerting the uninfected about the proximity of such patients. Using TOS interactive maps retailers who are waiting to re-open their stores can decide on which outlets to open and which ones to not open. Similarly large can use the geo-spatial data to analyze catchment areas and effectively plan their sourcing strategies.

Amarsh Chaturvedi, co-founder, Transerve said, “Keeping a tap on contaminated zones is the need of the hour. Our technologically advanced spatial platform serves as a single point database to access all the information related to contaminated zones.

  Ashwani Rawat, co-founder, added, “With our platform, we aim at providing a helping hand to government authorities and companies so that the society can reap benefits on a larger scale. We are also publishing map visualizations on COVID19 related data released by the government in order to help the public understand the infection and its containment.”