Govt hikes water tariff




The state government has revised the tariff for water supply, hiking charges for all categories while also increasing the charges for water and sewerage connections.

The public works department (PWD) on May 12 issued a notification on the Goa revision of tariff for water supply and sewerage and for fixation of water tariff and other charges for all categories. The notification, issued by principal chief engineer U P Parsekar, says that the revised water tariff has come into force from April 1.

As per the notification, for domestic consumers, the water tariff has been hiked to Rs 3.5 per cubic metre upto 15 cubic metres, Rs 9 for above 15 to 25 cubic metres, Rs 15 for above 25 to 50 cubic metres and Rs 25 per cubic metre for above 50 cubic metres. The minimum units to be charged will be 16 cubic metres per month.

For registered co-operative housing societies as well as non-registered colonies that have single water supply connection covering more than one number of residential flats/house, the basis for the tariff shall be number and type of flats/house in the housing society depending on the single house connection.

In the case of small scale, medium and large and all types of industries, hotels (registered) other than small hotels, small restaurants, tourist hostel, the water tariff has been revised to Rs 35 per cubic metre, while for commercial establishments including MPT, bars, cinema theatres, construction establishments, the tariff has been increased to Rs 50 per cubic  metre.

The notification further says that for supply of water by tankers between six cubic metres to ten cubic metres, Rs 1,000 will be charged per trip and Rs 100 per trip for additional per cubic metre.

Sewerage charge for domestic consumers is 25 per cent of the water consumption and for non-domestic consumers, it will be 35 per cent of the water consumption charges. The connection charges have also been raised from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000 for domestic consumers and from Rs 5,000 to Rs 30,000 for non-domestic consumers. The PWD has also increased charges on meter rent between Rs 50 and Rs 1,000.