Goan auto maker geared for COVID-19 fight

Goa’s only automobile company, Powerland Agro Tractor Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Verna, recently diversified in the production of contactless sanitiser dispensers towards pandemic fight, finds out Team B&C

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the measures taken by government to spread the spread of the infection every organisation like banks, companies, hospitals, etc, are deploying hand sanitizers as a precautionary measure. However sanitisers if not hygenically used can be a risk as the bottle is constantly touched by many hands leading to the danger of the disease spreading further.

Verna industrial estate based Powerland Agro Tractor Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., took the initiative and developed contactless hand sanitizer that works on sensors. The sanitiser device automatically dispenses when one places the hand below it.

Powerland Agro is the only company in the state manufacturing automobiles. The company makes all-terrain utility vehicles (ATV) and is also foraying into electric vehicles. “Using our expertise in manufacturing vehicles we decided to contribute towards the coronavirus fight by making contactless, electronic hand sanitiser dispensers,” said Tej Narayan Naik, director.

  He said that, market response to the product is good. The company is got orders in hand for about 500 pieces and enquiries for another 500 dispensers. Component supply is a problem though due to which production cannot

be increased.

So far about 75 dispensers have been manufactured which are supplied to companies located in Verna industrial estates, local hospitals, the health department and two units donated to GMC for the OPD section.

The contactless dispensers can be effectively placed anywhere. Due to its convenient size it can be wall mounted or positioned on the table. The dispenser is operated with motion sensor making it easy to use. It has a fluid level indicator controlled by software, and comes with an adapter that allows it to be used with power bank to power the device even during power failure. The device has a capacity of 5 litre fluid with adjustable discharge rate of 1.25 to 2.5ml as recommended. Each dispensation cycle is timed at three second per discharge.

What’s more the product is economically priced at Rs 4130 per unit inclusive of GST and comes with one year warranty on the electronic components. Imported dispensers that are currently available in the market cost in the range of Rs 8,000- Rs 10,000 per piece.

“We have purposely kept our product affordable because we do not want to profit from the pandemic,” explained Naik. He revealed that, due to total lockdown since March 22 2020, it was tough to design and go into production. “We managed to launch the dispensers at a minimum cost so that every organization, schools, public places etc. can make use of the same to fight the Covid 19 collectively,”

he says. .

Powerland Agro is also working on other COVID-19 fighting products. In the pipeline is a UVC lighting system that sanitises entire surfaces. The product is ideal for offices and organisations. It does away with hand mopping and is automated. Chairs, tables, floors, etc., are  sanitised in a jiffy with UV light leaving all germs dead while the staff enters the premises. “We will always endeavor towards the welfare of the society and will provide constant support at all time to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” says Naik.

Incorporated in 2014, Powerland Agro commenced production in 2017. The company has manufactured about 150 all terrain utility vehicles (ATV) for the Indian market and presently is working on tapping the export market. “We are in the process of acquiring EC certification necessary for exports to Europe,” said Naik.

He added that the company is also moving into the EV segment by manufacturing electric trucks. “The prototype of the E-truck is ready and now we are looking at commercial production,” said Naik.