Despite of lockdown, people collect clams at Chicalim bay


Vasco: Despite of the lockdown, a large number of people rushed to the river bed near Vareg Island in the Chicalim bay early Tuesday morning to collect clams (tisreo).

The Chicalim Biodiversity Management Committee (CBMC) led by its chairman Rui Araujo with the help of Vasco police on Monday had managed to turn away a large number of people, who had arrived from various parts of Mormugao taluka, Siridao and Agassaim  to collect the clams.

On Tuesday, despite the lockdown in force, people moved to the river bed during the wee hours, and tried to collect the clams. Some people collected the clams during the low tide.

Timely intervention by the Vasco police prevented several people from venturing into the river later in the morning. Most of the people had moved to the river bed from the access located close to St Anthony’s cross at Chicalim. 

The CBMC members have appealed to the people not to venture into the river during the lockdown.  The CBMC members observed that majority of the people who had gone  to river bed near Vareg Island were not locals.

The local people have kept themselves away from collecting clams on Tuesday, informed the CBMC.