Maruti launches Tour range of CVs


Maruti Suzuki expanded its commercial vehicle portfolio with the launch of the Tour range recently, namely Tour H1 (hatchback), Tour H2 (hatchback), Tour S (sedan), Tour V (van) and Tour M (MPV). The company at present has light commercial vehicle Super Carry and the Eeco van.

Maruti forayed into the commercial segment in September 2016 with Super Carry. With a 240 per cent growth in the past three years, the inclusion of the Tour range is expected to further strengthen the company’s commercial portfolio.

hashank Srivastava, executive director (marketing and sales), said, “Our commercial channel is the fastest growing commercial network in the country. A majority of the customers are owner-cum-driver who are ambitious, risk takers and are looking for recognition. Their primary need is to get a stable income, and these vehicles contribute as a source of livelihood for them.    Similarly, the fleet owners seek increased productivity, improved earnings and expansion of their business. Our internal research suggests that both these goods carrier owners as well as passenger carrier owners have similar business needs. Recognizing this as an opportunity, we decided to consolidate our commercial offerings under one roof.”

He added, “The expanding commercial network is a testimony to our focus on customer satisfaction and establishes our expertise in understanding the needs of the customers. Our customer first approach has contributed to mass acceptance of the brand resulting three times growth in network. With an enhanced portfolio of Super Carry, Eeco and Tour range, we are confident that it will also help our dealer partners” 

Further, as a step towards enhancing inclusivity, a new brand logo for Maruti Suzuki Commercial network was revealed recently. In three years of its launch, the company’s commercial vehicles have expanded its footprint to over 320 stores across 235+ cities. Built on the values of partnership, reliability and efficiency, the commercial range is specially designed to cater to the specific needs of customers.