Six IMFL units to manufacture sanitisers, disinfectants




PANAJI: The government has asked Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) manufacturers in the state to make sanitisers and disinfectectants in view of the corona virus disease. Both the products are needed in the state because of the virus.

Excise Commissioner, Amit Satija speaking to the Navhind Times said that, so far, the excise department has received requests from six IMFL manufacturers to manufacture sanitisers and disinfectants. He said that, the requests have been accepted of the six units and they can commence production after receiving permission from the respective district collectors.

“The six IMFL units which will be allowed to manufacture sanitisers and disinfectants will be supplying to government departments and meeting the state requirements first before they will be permitted to sell to outside states,” said Satija.

It is learnt that of the six IMFL manufactuers two have already approached the district magistrate for permission.

Meanwhile in view of the 100 per cent lockdown and the closure of all industrial and commercial establishments, the government on Wednesday banned manufacture and sale of liquor.

“All wineries, breweries, country liquor bottling units, IMFL bottling, IMFL manufacturing units except those granted permission for manufacture of sanitisers and all liquor outlets with license to sell or license to consume shall remain closed for 21 days with effect from March 25 until the midnight of April 14, 2020, says an order signed by the Commissioner.

“In case of any violations the stock will be seized and the license will be cancelled,” adds the order.

Demand for sanitisers in the state and everywhere in the country have shot up because of corona virus. Sanitisers and disinfectants have become scarce in the local markets and their price has shot through the roof.

Sanitisers have high alcohol content and can easily be manufactured by liquor units.