3 chartered flights leave Goa with stranded tourists


Vasco: Three chartered flights that had come down to Goa late on Saturday night took away substantial number of foreign tourists who were stranded in Goa for the last several days on Sunday.

Sources at the Dabolim airport informed that the foreign tourists who were stranded in Goa were from Russia and UK.

The Dabolim airport saw few flights operating on Sunday. There were hardly few passengers who travelled to Goa on Sunday.

GoAir flights have totally suspended its operation in Goa on Sunday. Other airlines operated very marginal flights to Goa on Sunday.

Yellow black taxis cabs went off the road, but about four to five taxis were stationed next to the integrated building of Dabolim airport towards west-end side. Other tourist taxis preferred to stay off the roads.

Meanwhile, abiding by the clarion call to show acknowledge the services of people offering essential services, essential staff attached to Dabolim airport clapped for some time at around 5 pm.