Margao witnesses last-minute shopping




The commercial capital of  Goa – Margao, on Saturday,  saw last-minute shopping by a large number of people in view of the call for ‘Janata Curfew’ on   Sunday.

Prime Minister  Narendra  Modi  has called for  Janta Curfew  from  7 am till  9 pm to  help prevent the spread of  coronavirus.

People were seen doing purchases at chicken and vegetable stalls, and general stores ‘fearing’ possibility of shortage of these items.

Fish markets also saw  several people buying fish,  probably for Sunday  and the days to come  fearing closure of the market in view of the spread of  coronavirus in  the neighbouring states  of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

There was a shortage of  milk in the evening,  and many regular  milk buyers could not get  their  share.

This reporter saw many people buying vegetables and fish at the SGPDA market, at increased rates.

It is learnt that the wholesale fish market at Margao would also remain closed on  Sunday. 

Rickshaw, motorcycle taxi and taxi  operators have also  decided to  keep their vehicles off the road on Sunday.

“We will also support the one-day stay at home,” a  bus operator said.

Interestingly, right from grocers to cloth merchants have decided to  keep their shops shut on Sunday.

“We will honour the Prime Minister’s  request and  stay at home. This is one of the best idea to contain the spread of coronavirus,” said a grocer.

District Collector, South, Ajit Roy   on Friday has ordered imposition of Section 144 of  CrPC, which disallows gathering of  five and more persons.