From ‘just a homely girl’ to a business woman


She claims that she was just a “homely girl” before marriage but today Priyal Poddar is an accomplished business woman. However, her first choice remains taking care of her family. “I always wanted to keep my family happy by taking care of them and by making innovative food dishes for them,” says Priyal.

In fact, it is this love for food and her family that inspired Priyal to cook new recipes and post the same on her Facebook page. One day, she chanced upon a contest by a renowned food brand on Facebook. She took part in it and, and as they say the rest is history. Let us not forget, though, that Master Chef India, the reality show has been an inspiration behind Priyal trying out and serving new recipes to her family and friends.

While she was at home, Priyal kept herself busy by participating in one culinary contest after another. Her journey remained hugely successful as she kept winning contest prizes like air fryer, smartphones, iPad and more. Gradually, she went on to work online, as a social media influencer, which made her assert her identity. She is keen to point out that money has never been a motive for her work as an influencer.

“After working as an influencer for five to six years, I started writing blogs and it brought an amazing change in my life. I started meeting new people, promoting different brands, writing about my feelings, thoughts and experiences on my blog and then one day I wrote my ebook, Ehsaas – A special feeling.” She insists that she was not really satisfied with her ebook but still, compliments kept coming her way and inspired her to keep up her work.

In 2019, she started working as a full-fledged campaigner, running social media campaigns for others as well as training others to do the same. Amidst the distractions and brickbats that came her way, Priyal kept up her spirit by remembering people who motivated her to continue this journey.

Speaking about inspiring other women like her, Priyal says, “Realise your importance, because we all are gifted with some talent – it can be in the form of writing, singing, dancing, art or anything. It is up to you how fast you identify your hidden talent and start working on it to show the world your capabilities and create your own identity.”

For all the women out there, who want to make a name for themselves, a la Priyal, listen well to her advice and work on it!

(HT Media)